Reports and Studies

Road Safety

·         Strengthening School Bus Safety in Canada: Report of the Task Force on School Bus Safety (2020) NEW

·         Safety Measures for Cyclists and Pedestrians Around Heavy Vehicles: Summary Report (2018)

Automated and Connected Vehicles

·         Automated and Connected Vehicles Policy Framework for Canada - Report of the PPSC Working Group on Connected and Automated Vehicles (2019)

·         The Future of Automated Vehicles in Canada - Report of the PPSC Working Group on Connected and Automated Vehicles (2018)


·         Electrification of Transportation: A Survey of Policies, Programs and Approaches (2018)

·         Active Transportation: A Survey of Policies, Programs and Experience (2018)

·         Cross-Canada Survey on Jurisdiction's Approaches and Activities in Sustainable Transportation (2009)

A Strategic Vision for Transportation

·         Integrating Rural, Northern and Remote Regions with Core Transportation Networks - Task Force Report (2014)

·         Transportation and the Environment - Task Force Report (2014)

o   Appendices: Survey of Climate Change and Mitigation Initiatives

·         Transportation & the Economy - Task Force Report (2014)

·         A Vision for Transportation in Canada - Ministerial Statement (2013)

·         Transportation Vision for Canada (2002)

National Highway System

·         Canada’s National Highway System - Annual Reports (2007 to 2017)

·         Canada’s National Highway System - An Overview (2008)

·         National Highway System Review - Task Force Report (2005)

·         National Highway System: Condition and Investment Needs Update (1997)

·         National Highway Policy for Canada - Study Reports (1988 to 1992)  

Regulatory Harmonization

·         Supporting the Efficient Movement of Trucks Across Canada: Suggested Approaches by the Task Force on Trucking Harmonization (2019)

·         Harmonization of Transportation Policies and Regulations: Context, Progress and Initiatives in the Motor Carrier Sector - Report to the Council of the Federation (2008)

Air Transportation

·         Report of the Air Issues Task Force on Small Airport Viability (2006)

·         Study of Viability of Smaller Canadian Airports (2002)

Passenger Transportation

·         Intercity Bus Services Task Force Report (2010)

Urban Transportation

·         Urban Mobility in Canada: Challenges, Trends & Opportunities (2020) NEW

·         Coordinated Corridor Management: Improving Efficiency on Canada's Urban Multi-Modal Transportation Corridors (2013)

·         The High Cost of Congestion in Canadian Cities (2012)

·         Recent Developments in Transit in Canadian Cities (2010)

·         Urban Transit in Canada: Taking Stock of Recent Progress (2009)

·         Report of Federal/Provincial/Territorial Task Force on Urban Transportation (2005)

Human Resources and Skills Development

·         Trends and Patterns in Skills and Labour Shortages (2008)

·         Transportation Skills Development Issues in Canada - Phase II Diagnostic Report: Industry Activities (2008)

·         Compendium of Successful Skills Development Initiatives (Update 2008)

·         Compendium of Successful Skills Development Initiatives (2007)


·         Facts on Transportation (2008)


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