Report of the Air Issues Task Force
on Small Airport Viability

In September 2004, the Council of Ministers Responsible for Transportation and Highway Safety agreed that the viability of small airports is a shared responsibility and that all partners would develop objective criteria and evaluation grids in order to determine the mission of small airports and identify options for future action. This resolution led to the creation of the federal-provincial-territorial Air Issues Task Force, chaired by Transport Canada.

The Task Force presented its final report to the Council of Ministers in September 2006. The report lays out the Task Force's findings regarding the missions and roles of small airports in Canada and proposes a suite of options for consideration by all jurisdictions.

Download report (PDF format):

Report of the Air Issues Task Force on Small Airport Viability

Rapport sur la viabilité des petits aéroports rédigé par le Groupe de travail sur les questions aériennes

Detailed data tables


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