National Highway System – Annual Reports

Background and Context:

Canada’s National Highway System (NHS) was first established in 1988 as a result of a federal-provincial-territorial cooperative study and comprised 24,459 km of key interprovincial and international linkages.

In September 2004 a Federal/Provincial/Territorial Task Force was formed to conduct a major review and update of the criteria used to identify routes included in the NHS. In September 2005 the Council of Ministers endorsed the report of the Task Force, resulting in a restructured and expanded National Highway System comprising 38,021 km of routes within three categories - Core, Feeder and Northern and Remote.

In September 2006 the Council of Ministers directed that annual reports on the condition of the National Highway System be prepared based on readily available information from jurisdictions. It was agreed that the reports should include updated inventories and descriptions of routes in the NHS to address changes which occurred as a result of construction activities in the year between reports.

Reports on the National Highway System have been prepared for the Council of Ministers annually since 2006.


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