Task Force on VWD Policy

November 2017 Meeting Presentations


Agenda 3a - National Update (John Pearson)

Agenda 3b - Quebec Update (Francois Janelle)

Agenda 4 - Weight Limits for Wide Base Single Tires

Canadian Trucking Alliance (Ron Madill)

Michelin North America (Jeff MacLean)

Agenda 5a - All Terrain Cranes (Crane Rental Association of Canada)

Agenda 5b - Oversize/Overweight Permit Challenges (Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association)

Agenda 5c - Update on Pilot Car Sector (Heather Murray, Sparrow Pilot Car)

Agenda 6a - Transport Canada ecoTECHNOLOGY for Vehicles Program (Martha Christenson, Transport Canada)

Agenda 6b - FMCSA Research on Heavy Vehicle Automation and Platooning (Luke Loy, FMCSA)

Agenda 6e - Rail Mounted Lift Gates on Trailers (Terry Shaw, MTA)

Agenda 7 - Task Force on Trucking Harmonization (Andrew Cipywynk, SK Highways and Transportation)