Government/Industry Meeting

Tuesday December 1, 2020




Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations in Canada Update on Issues and Developments



National Developments & MOU Amendments - Overview

John Pearson


Provincial/Territorial Developments



British Columbia

Jan Lansing



Andrew Pillman



Zaki Hussain



Warren Borgford



Joe Lynch



Francois Janelle


New Brunswick

Matt Illsely


Prince Edward Island

Pat Dowling


Nova Scotia

Laurie Hurley and Brent Connolly


Newfoundland and Labrador

Krista Cull



Sebastien Nadeau


Northwest Territories

Harris Beaulieu


Transport Canada

Mayank Rastogi


Technical Issues and Presentations



Cooperative Truck Platooning

Mark Belzile, Transport Canada


Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Hamza Shafique, Transport Canada


Hybrid Semi-Trailer Trucks in Forestry

Dave Waknin, FPInnovations


Wide Base Steering Axle Tires

Allan Bradley, FPInnovations


Steerable Tridem Trailer Suspensions

Georges Clouthier, Simard Suspensions

Ian Paine, Lafarge

Andrew Barnes, AMTA


Weight and Dimension Challenges for Electric Trucks

Yves Provencher, Lion Electric Trucks

Oversize and Overweight Vehicles and Loads



Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association

Chris Smith and Nick Ruscito-Caissy