Government/Industry Meeting

Wednesday December 7, 2022




Vehicle Weight and Dimension Regulations in Canada – Update on Issues and Developments



National Developments & MOU Amendments - Overview

John Pearson


Provincial/Territorial Developments



British Columbia

Courtenay Lowther



Andrew Pillman



Zaki Hussain



Warren Borgford



Joe Lynch



Francois Janelle


New Brunswick

Matt Illsley


Prince Edward Island

Pat Dowling


Nova Scotia

Laurie Hurley and Brent Connolly


Newfoundland and Labrador

Dwayne Abbott



Michael Kasprzak


Northwest Territories

Keith Bonnetrouge


Transport Canada

Mayank Rastogi





Zero Emission Trucking Program

Martha Christenson & Jordan Wolfe, Transport Canada


Alternative Fuel Highway Tractors

Andrew Barnes, AMTA


Regulatory Harmonization Needs

Mike Millian, PMTC


Supply Chain Task Force Report – VWD Issues



Testing of Forced Steer Trailer Axles

Gerard Noel, GNSolutions


All-Terrain Cranes Pilot Project Survey Results

C. Bélanger-Parker & J. Andrews,

Crane Rental Assn of Canada

Special Permits for Oversize and Overweight Loads



Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association

Ed Bernard and Chris Smith, SC&RA


Pilot Car Industry

Heather Murray, Sparrow Pilot Car